Making Your Ex Jealous Is Not The Right Strategy

Making Your Ex Jealous Is Not The Right Strategy

Many relationship experts claim that if you want to get your ex back in your life then you need to make him/her jealous but some claims that it might not be a right strategy for you.

If you are really intended to get your ex back in your life then its really important raise their interest in you instead of making them so jealous that they can’t even think about getting back in your life.

Absolutely wrong strategy to make your ex-jealous

So when you are planning to get your ex back in your life you need to make them jealous not push them away, some mistakes that many people do that make them lose their ex forever are. Jealousy may backfire on you, your ex might force themselves to move on because of the anger they have for you.

Making your ex jealous

Right strategy to get your ex back

If your ex truly loved you then he or she will take some time to move on and you will be required to have a strategy to get him or her back in life, here is how to do that.

No contact rule

Most of the breakup happens because of no space and too much possessiveness in the relationship, no contact rule will allow your ex to enjoy the freedom first and then they will start feeling an emptiness in their life.

Restrain yourself from any messaging or conversation on any social media, restrain yourself from uploading stupid statuses about your regrets.

Work on self-transformation

While you are in process of “no contact rule” you need to work on your second strategy as well, work to transform your own life.

Physical transformation

Start hitting the gym on daily basis, this will make you look better than before. Becoming better will compel her/him to miss you more.

Spiritual transformation

Join some meditation boot camp, when I had the first serious breakup I made a plan to forget her and transform my life for something better. I made a trip to India in search of spirituality and it worked really well for me. My mental state was transformed from that day, I achieved my peace.

Mental transformation

This can be done the thorough solo trip, I will advise you to avoid too much alcohol because of that will for you to contact your ex.Making your ex jealous


Once you have changed yourself and worked on the no contact rule for the decent amount of time then it’s time to reconnect with your Ex. You can plan to meet them randomly or just fix a casual meeting.

If you follow the process properly and the love between you both was true then the probability of getting your Ex back is really very high.