Impress your ex by showing her you’ve changed for the better

Impress your ex by showing her you’ve changed for the better

If you really want to get your ex back, sometimes all it takes is to change for the better. Now, if you had been a bit of an ass before, it’s going to be hard to even convince her that you have changed. Telling her that you have changed won’t cut it. You need to interact with her and let her see the new man you have become.

Make it a point to make change within yourself

After a breakup, the best way to change is not to shut yourself from the world. Do things that will bring out the best you. Start doing things that will boost your self-confidence. Go to the gym and work that body so that when she sees you, she sees a new you. Go out and socialize with old friends. Make new friends.

It is going to be very hard to convince a woman that you have changed if you really haven’t’.  If you take time to work on your flaws, then she will be able to see that change within you. So make a positive change for the better first before you start pursuing her.

Apologize sincerely

You might want to begin with a sincere apology. Explain to her that you have realized your mistakes and you understand how you hurt her. Be specific. And be very sincere. Don’t get defensive or try to explain your bad behavior.

Let her see first hand that people can change for the better

After the apology, you can ask her for a cup of coffee. If she is not up to it, don’t pressure her. Give her time. And ask again after a while.

When you meet up, let her see the new you. Don’t just tell her you have changed. Let her see the kind of man she fell in love with in the first place. If you were jealous and insecure and she tells you that she is seeing someone else, be calm. Don’t get angry.