Identifying bad qualities in order to avoid selfish people

Identifying bad qualities in order to avoid selfish people

We all have been with the selfish people at some point in time, being with a selfish people is a self-torture. Most of the selfish people wear a mask of being generous and interesting personalities but some of the common traits of selfish people can help you spot them easily.
Below, how you can recognize them and keep yourself away from them.

Self-love is on top priority

The most common trait of every selfish person is they believe they deserve everything first. They think like they are the best creation of god and they deserve everything in the first spot.
If you find a person who is constantly asking for more freebie instead of working for it, it’s better to keep your way away from them.
How to deal with them? Give yourself the attention you deserve, pay more attention to your performance and start taking care of yourself.  

They are bad listeners

A person can never be a good communicator until he is a good listener. You can easily recognize a selfish person by the way he listens. A selfish person is always good at hearing favorable things but they really suck in hearing anything negative.
How to deal with them? Accept they have no regards for others. Accept the fact that self-centered person will never put your needs first, stop unnecessary expectation.

avoid selfish people

Cant accept the criticism

They live in their own fantasy world where they are their own superhero, we all have something good and something bad, if you find a person who can’t accept the constructive criticism then he/she is acting more self-centered and selfish.
How to deal with this behavior? If a person is not willing to accept the constructive criticism, that means he/she is not willing to improve themselves. It’s better to leave themselves the way they are.

They exaggerate their achievements.

They are so much proud of themselves and their own achievements that they tend to amplify their own achievements, modesty is a valuable human quality that we require in order to develop as a person and as social beings in our environment.
A selfish person tries to cover up their own failure with the exaggeration of their achievements.
How to deal with this behavior? In order to make them realize their mistake don’t stoop to their level.


Above, we talked about the common traits of selfish people, these people are good for nothing and are the most opportunistic people who will walk over your trust to reach their destination. Best way to deal with these people is to maintain a healthy distance with them and try to defeat them by your hard work.