How To Handle A Woman’s Mixed Signals

How To Handle A Woman’s Mixed Signals

Men and women are two different worlds when it comes to flirting and body language. Men communicate their intentions and feelings different than women and that also means that their signals to a girl are different. What is weird though in this situation is that men comprehend signals from women in a certain way that is not always right.

Women are some of the most complex beings on earth, so mixed signals when it comes to flirting are just something that is expected. The only thing that stands between men understanding women’s signals is basically not jumping into conclusions faster than lightning, a thing that happens very often.

Just keep in mind that some signals are clearer than other. Some clear signals she is not interested are:

  • She tells you she is not interested
  • She is ghosting you (not responding to messages)
  • She says that she has a boyfriend
  • She says that she has a girlfriend
  • She wears a ring
  • You have a drink in your face and shirt

Now, mixed signals are weird but maybe you can translate them with some effort

1. Is she really sending mixed signals?

Once you start flirting with a girl and she is flirting right back at you but suddenly you hear a ding and it is a text on her phone. She looks at her phone and then she bounces. But you don’t know why she left. In this occasion, things are not clear. But there are some possible answers for this. Maybe something came up with her family or something happened at a friend or something like that. In that case, the best thing you have to do is decide whether she is worth the wait, because you simply have to wait for her to get in touch. If she does that means she is interested, but you don’t wanna be the guy that sends a text during an awkward time.

2. Friendzoned

Is she smiling, telling jokes and acting just like your friend? Then you are friendzoned my friend. The only way you can get out of this situation is time your “Do you wanna go out some time?” perfectly, so that you don’t get friendzoned in a flash. If she still says no to that, just keep in mind that she approaches you as a friend and that is that. Don’t push it too much because it can get weird really soon.

3. Tough cookie to bite into?

There are a whole lot of girls that play hard to get because they think that works. To begin with, playing hard to get makes nothing easy. The only thing that becomes hard is for her to get a boyfriend. But, hey, this is very common in the dating world. If you are looking for someone that is mature enough for a simple relationship then these girls may not be your cup of tea. If you are willing to go through some stuff to get to this girl or you simply like a challenge then go for it.

4. She loves talking to you and you seem to like it

There are many girls that are very social. They love talking and smiling a lot and with a lot of people. But be careful when you meet a girl like this. If she is smiling a talking to you in a (in your mind) flirty way then be patient. She may be talking to other people like this too. Being social does not necessarily flirting with you. Just try and observe is she is talking to everyone like she talks to you, then maybe you are not in for the ride you thought.

5. Don’t get yourself friendzoned!

It’s very easy to enter the friendzone. But maybe you brought that on yourself. It’s nice talking to girls and flirting with them but doing that with no signs or intentions on your side that you are actually flirting she might just think that you are simply social. Before you enter the friendzone make sure you ask for her number and remember to keep your text back friendzone-proof. Add a kissy emoji or something like that that does not show that you are seeing her as a friend.

Now go out and flirt. Don’t be afraid of mixed signals, there are many things to figure out and learn when it comes to women, so just have fun with it.