How to boost your confidence while dating

How to boost your confidence while dating


Dating or meeting your date for the first time is proven to be a scary experience.  There are 2 things that can happen one is that you will be accepted by your date. The other is rejection by your date (consciously or subconsciously). Dating puts you in a vulnerable position and might affect your self – esteem severely. However, despite the possible outcomes, we still do the dating thing as this is the best way to meet our partner in a loving relationship. But how do we improve our present levels of confidence?

Tips on boosting your confidence in dating for men

 Teach yourself not to fear to a date

If you are too scared of dating, then there is really no management to it but your self – affirmations about all the things that is good within you. You should say to yourself that you deserve such dates and that rejections are just bumps that you can get over with. It is also good that you will change your mindset in dating like accepting that not all dates will end up well and sometimes there is rejection.

Look your physical best

Accepting yourself in terms of your looks is a   good confidence booster. Yet, it does not hurt if you might want to enhance your appearance – have a haircut, take on a diet, or get a new wardrobe. A well put up appearance can perk you up when you feel scared. Make that change in your appearance to enhance it, and then own it. Most women love clean-shaven guys for a date.

Strengthen yourself from the inside

One should be confident, inside and out. We can start strengthening what is inside of us through meditating regularly and make affirmations of the goodness in your heart. Think about what you have done to yourself and how you have come this far. Think also of what you have done to your relatives, neighbors, and friends. In this manner you can emphasize your worth in this world and that you deserve a loving relationship.

Give her a call within 2 days

Men are still expected to make the lead in dating. If a date gives you her number, then out of courtesy call her within 2 days. Women will be wondering what kind of mind games you are playing. It is also good to get it out there on what is the next step for both of you.


Tips on boosting your confidence in dating for women

Change your attitude towards men

There are labels that we put to men in general and these will not help you gain confidence. Instead of stereotyping men, try to have an open stance on what men are. This will give you an opportunity to be relaxed and spontaneous on a date rather than looking for labels which will fit your date.

Look classy, act classy

Men find it attractive if you do not readily show your physical assets and that there is still so much of you to be discovered. Do not try too hard to get the approval of your date. It will happen if it is meant to be. Do not overdo your make – up or be showy in the way you dress. Dress modestly to look classy. Just act cool and enjoy your date.

Just be yourself

Men love women who are sure about themselves. You cannot be an actress in a date since if you will be found out, the consequences will be negative. Try to be spontaneous and highlight your best assets and qualities.


Prepare for each date

So that you will not lose those moments where your spirits are high, you should prepare for each date.  Initially, you should not be late on dates. Then, learn about the profile of this person and think of topics that you can talk about.  If that person is looking for a date with distinctive qualities, then try to look into yourself on how you can make a good presentation of yourself to your date.