How to get yourself out of Friends zone

How to get yourself out of Friends zone

The problem of boys being friend zoned by girls has turned global and many good guys find themselves being friend zoned because they never created any sexual tension or were too friendly with their crush.

How to get yourself out of this trap requires developing some special skills and qualities.

I will be guiding you to develop a personality that will help you get yourself out of friend zone. We all have that one friend in our group who is never being friend zoned by girls and he is always being pursued by girls, do you ever wonder what’s so special about him and what makes him so irresistible.

Let’s discuss the techniques and behavioral traits to immune yourself from getting friend zoned.

Challenging Persona

This is where most of the guys get themselves caught, they might be a very challenging personality for their male friends but they act totally different with their female counterpart.

Many women like being with a guy who is challenging and who likes to declare what he wants, that’s the reason many women fall for a guy with more masculinity instead of a good guy.

Complement only when needed

Bombarding her with compliments on a daily basis is just making her used to of your compliments. My girlfriend always used to complain me that “I never give her complements” but for me I had a different plan for her, they should always get a feel of earning that complement instead of getting used to of daily compliments.

Watch your Body-language

If you are constantly getting yourself caught into friend zone then you better pay attention to your body language.

Ladies like to be someone who has the caliber to protect her and her family, that’s why they usually fall for the dominant male personality.

Start hitting the gym to work on your body posture and enroll yourself for in some body-language lessons.

Build Some Sexual Tension

Mastering sexual tension is something that you need to develop through constant practice.

You can’t just read some lesson on “creating sexual tension” and master it, you will be required to practice approaching girls (start with approaching normal women instead of going for the hottest option), start asking girls for a coffee, arrange one to one meeting, try to be good listener, try to be funny and try everything that makes you more comfortable around women.

Stop Desperate Chasing

There is a difference between dignified chasing and desperate chasing; guys who act desperate normally find themselves into being a friend-zoned.

You have to make her respect you for being yourself then only you can qualify yourself to get yourself out of friend zone.

Stop chasing her, be yourself and opt for only dignified chasing.