Ask yourself this question? Is she worth it?

Ask yourself this question? Is she worth it?

Before you decide to win your ex-girlfriend back, ask yourself, is she really worth the trouble?

You may have broken up suddenly. Maybe at the time things just weren’t working out. I understand how a breakup can leave you feeling lonely. Even the slightest indication that you might win your ex-girlfriend’s heart can give you hope. Now before you embark on that journey you need to evaluate your options.

Make sure you pose this one question

“Is she worth winning back”?

Now it all depends on why you broke up in the first place. Now if it was largely on your part and you think you have made the necessary steps to change yourself and she is receptive to the idea of trying again, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Ask yourself? What is different this time?

Has she changed for the better? Is she remorseful if she is the one who wronged you? What is going to make the relationship work the second time around? What has changed? You need to evaluate all these things. Talk to her and see if there is hope that it will work out.

If her demands are unreasonable…

Now, maybe your ex really wanted you to change. But that doesn’t mean that you change your whole persona. If you feel like you’d have to change yourself too much for the benefit of reuniting with your ex it may be better to move on!

Ask yourself: “Do I really want to be a better man?” “Is the change going to be too much for me?”

A real and lasting change needs to come from within. It’s not something that someone can impose on another.

If you feel you are breaking your back just to get back with her, then that relationship won’t last. Move on!