Ask the big questions of yourself

Ask the big questions of yourself

Breakups are difficult and you are surely getting this temptation to reunite with your girlfriend, but is it really a right decision or you should move on?

It’s not necessary that your breakup happened over legitimate reasons, sometimes misunderstanding is the reason of breakup and you should definitely unite with the girl again.

Here are the big questions to ask yourself before you try to get back to your ex

Reason of breakup

One thing to figure out before you think about the patch up is the reason behind breakup?

Is it because of the dispute for a long time? Or does it happen instantly?

Breakups that occurred because of disputes for a long period are generally permanent and you should not think about getting back to the same person again.

While instant breakups happen because of a heated argument, pride, and misunderstandings. You can think about getting back to the Ex again.

ask big questionsPositives of relationships

Now its time to list the positive points of your relationships on blank paper.

Writing down the positive points helps in making the decision making easier for you, here is a list of things that you need to describe.

Did she made you happy?

The chemistry between both of you

Did you see future with her?

Do you both want the same things?

Does she make you feel alive?

There are many other questions you can list down according to your priorities.

Negatives of relationship

Once you are done with the positives, let’s talk about the negatives of relationship.

List down all the things that you hate about her, yes! We mean everything.

Positive > Negative?

Now its time to compare the positives and negatives of the relationship.

Since you can see the pros and cons of relationship in-short, it is going to be easy for you to make a choice.

ask big questions Take a decision

Sometimes you just need to try things again and make them work properly, no one is perfect nor two people, you both have your own priorities, habits, demands, etc, but if you can surpass all the negative and live together happily then you should go get her again.

Once you approach her, she will be asking the same questions “why to get together again?” and these questions to yourself will help in getting things together again.